Hi, I’m Oz, the founder and heartbeat of The Scissors of Oz.

Travelling through the world of hairdressing with over 18 years experience and L’Oréal colour trophy finalist 2017, I constantly thrive to challenge myself and invent new ways to expand knowledge within the industry.

In August 2018 I quit my job and was able to to rebuild myself by introducing a “swap services” scheme with my loving friends and clients. In less than two weeks I set up my salon in my home, started a business course and now I have a team of talented individuals waiting to join forces with me.

I came to the realisation that my passion for my work had not just helped others with feeling good about themselves but it also helped me with my own personal healing journey.

Beauty is skin deep and by evolving through what I call “empowering hair services” I assist in channelling inner strength and positivity from the outside by facilitating the art of hairdressing and power of conversation.

All my services are gender neutral and purely based on hair length and thickness of hair – not your identity! There’s no judgement, no pressure and I do my best to listen to individual needs and guide suitability based on you and your lifestyle not society or fashion trends.

I am pleased to announce on the 1st of June 2019 I moved into Artistic Spaces Unit 13 (studio 10) Elizabeth Industrial Studios, off Juno Way, London, SE14 5RW.

I am over the moon to finally welcome you all to the colourful world of inclusion to birth my next mission “The Sisters Of Oz” South East London’s first Creative Hair and Healing Hub made by womXn for people.

We are launching on The 7th of March 2020 in celebration of International Women’s day. Our New home is my original home PECKHAM (does a happy dance!) Please check back in for further updates on this.

Keep an eye on the project, near future workshops, collaborations and #empoweringhaircuts by following us through social media and signing up to our monthly Newsletter.

Thank you for visiting

Love peace and hair grease always